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Machu Picchu - One of the New Seven Wonders of the World is an unbelievable place - a place you almost have to see for yourself to truly believe. I still remember the first time seeing a photo of the 15th century Inca site located high up in the mountain ridge not being able to believe such a place existed in this world. For 8 years my wife and I kept on doing research in wanting to go but and kept on postponing the trip since it seemed quite difficult to get there and the altitude sickness seemed to be common with travelers not being able to enjoy the trip. In spring of 2015, we finally made it out there guided by our good friend and travel expert helping us safely get there and not get sick! All I could say is that the trip was just amazing. Our initial expectations were high to begin with but it even exceeded those high expectations. I truly hope there is something fun or informational in this book for everyone!
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